SZ 98: Fortifying Your Story Ft. Joanna Zhu 

You may think of storytelling as a soft skill.

But in fact, sharing a compelling narrative in life/business can be fortified with:


Where is this intersection of art and the sciences?

To help us scaffold the conversation, we have #CPA and #fundadmin Vice President:

🔷 Joanna Zhu 🔷

The 4 P’s of are: People, Place, Plot, and Purpose. And tactfully sharing data points in each can make a much more powerful punch. Apex Group (A global financial services provider with 85 offices around the world) has been empowering and educating asset managers, capital markets, and private clients for over 20 years.

Why is fund administration / investment analysis important, and how does it impact you?

Join us live as we uncover the path to a more organized, professional, and profitable portfolio.

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