SZ 97: Powering Progress Ft. Troy Helming

Broken Power lines.
Dilapidated infrastructure.
A failing grid that will cost trillions to upgrade.

Is there any way to address these monstrous challenges?

Good thing we have #unicornfounder and #cleantech pioneer and #ninjawarrior

Troy Helming

Aside from founding 2 of the most successful renewable energy companies in the US, he’s also built a patented plasma tunnel-boring robot that can drill 1 km per day. It’s 90% cheaper and100x faster than closest competitor (Elon’s ‘Boring Company).

EarthGrid’s mission? Own, Operate, Maintain utility tunnels to accelerate the Clean Power Revolution.

How? By building a subterranean network of tunnels to rapidly eliminate fossil fuels, reach 100% renewable energy, and offer ultra-high-speed Internet, sustainable clean water, wastewater, transportation & delivery services.

Join us live as we uncover the path to a cleaner, brighter future.

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