SZ 99: Scout, Integrate, Launch Ft. Maria Pienaar

With brilliant leaps in technology comes the inevitable hype machine.

But in this early stage, a lot is still being defined. Is it a fad, with style over substance? Or is the visibility warranted with tremendous utility and certain disruption?

Good thing this week’s SZ guest is a global business leader and investor:

Maria Pienaar

Her demonstrated expertise is driving breakthrough revenue growth, profitability, and market share across a number of verticals, including:

Cybersecurity, Mobile/Telecommunications, IoT, Enterprise Software, Cloud/SaaS, and Social Media.

Having developed/launched 30+ profitable global enterprise and consumer mobile products, Maria is in a unique position to analyze tech innovations like Chat GPT and Blockchain to see where we are on the curve and how to maximize sustainable growth. As the operating partner at Unicorn Growth Capital, she also knows how to pick early-stage winners from MedTech to fintech.

What are the best practices to “scout, integrate, and launch?”

Join us live as we distill fact from fiction, and how founders can rise above.

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