SZ 127: Beyond Human Limits – AI Reshapes HealthTech and the Life Sciences

The future of health tech and life sciences has arrived πŸš€

How, you ask?

The convergence of AI and ML (along with quantum leaps in processing massive data sets) is creating transformative changes in patient care, diagnostics, and therapeutics at a myriad of

In SZ 127, we feature industry leaders Raja Sundaram, Rajeev Dutt, and Michael Johnson. Co-moderated by Stephen Kuhn, Founder and MP at Adventary.

Raja Sundaram, CEO of Plethy, will share his vision of a digital health hybrid care model that augments care providers at home. By leveraging bio-psycho-social data, Sundaram aims to provide a holistic approach to patient engagement and analytics, enabling personalized care plans, accelerating recovery, and achieving sustainable cost reduction.

AI and ML are not only transforming patient care but also streamlining administrative tasks within healthcare systems. Rajeev Dutt, CEO of AI Dynamics and Board Member of Luminas Health, brings over 20 years of experience from leading high-tech firms like HP, Compaq, Microsoft, and Intel. We’ll dive into problem detection and the self-healing processes, as well as automating hardware validation workflows. The goal is to simplify administrative operations, reduce errors, and allow healthcare professionals to focus more on patient care. Potential issues associated with AI in administrative functions, such as data security and interoperability are also important considerations.

Michael Johnson, Founder and CEO of, will discuss the groundbreaking use of AI in diagnosing autism spectrum disorders. represents the first multi-state, AI-centric tele-health diagnostic clinic tailored explicitly for autism diagnostics. Johnson will explore how AI tools empower patients and drive better health outcomes by providing accurate, early diagnoses and personalized treatment plans.

For a peek into the science of tomorrow, be sure to tune in!

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