SZ 128: Innovation & Integrity Ft. Olivia Gambelin & Justin Lokitz

This may sound a bit paradoxical, but it turns out constraints actually *drive* innovation. And nowhere is that more clear than ethics as a framework in building technology.

Lucky for us we’ve got author and expert Olivia Gambelin to enlighten us with Professor Justin Lokitz in SZ 128: Innovation & Integrity.’ We will explore how ethics can drive innovation rather than hinder it. How? By first understanding and codifying values, which allows businesses to create a magnetic appeal, aligning their mission with consumer expectations and fostering trust. This discussion will delve into how ethical considerations can serve as a catalyst for creativity, emphasizing the importance of human impact in technical innovation, and at every level. We will address the psychology of constraints and how they can foster meaningful advancements, alongside potential pitfalls when ethics are misapplied, such as overemphasis on DEI initiatives.

We’ll also cover the evolving nature of ethics across technological eras, from cloud computing to AI, and compare cultural and philosophical differences in ethical approaches from Europe and the US. The concept of design strategy thinking will be explored, stressing that innovation is a holistic challenge involving people and processes. Ethical AI must be integrated into organizational culture, similar to design or Agile methodologies, to ensure sustainable and responsible innovation. By aligning AI strategies with a company’s vision, businesses can create user-centric, ethically sound products/services that add real value while mitigating risks.

Tune in to see how we can find harmony between Progress and Principles.

*congrats Olivia on the launch of your book!* 🍾

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