SZ 126: Power of the Pivot Ft. Ken DeLeon

What does it mean to pivot & adapt?

Join us for an inspiring and transformative live talk titled “Power of the Pivot,” featuring the remarkable Ken DeLeon, founder of DeLeon Realty. With a background that seamlessly blends mathematics, economics, law, and business, Ken’s journey from scholar to real estate rockstar is nothing short of extraordinary. This event will delve into the pivotal moments that have shaped Ken’s life and career, showcasing how resilience and adaptability have been central to his success. Attendees will gain invaluable insights into how to navigate life’s challenges and turn them into opportunities for growth, whether in their personal or professional lives.

Ken’s story is a testament to the power of resilience in overcoming adversity. Despite facing significant life tragedies, including the loss of his sister, surviving a nearly fatal accident, and beating cancer twice, Ken has emerged stronger and more determined. His ability to pivot and adapt in the face of such challenges has not only propelled him to the top of the real estate industry but also inspired many through his motivational speeches and community involvement. In this talk, Ken will share the strategies and mindset shifts that have enabled him to thrive, offering a roadmap for building resilience and achieving excellence in any endeavor. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of Silicon Valley’s most dynamic and resilient leaders.

Join us for another memorable evening of laughter and learning with the best brains from the Bay…and beyond!

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