SZ 111: Coming to America Ft. Lanie Denslow

Zombie fun fact:

Most Billion-Dollar Startups In The U.S. Founded By Immigrants 🌎

But how do tech founders navigate the unique American landscape?

Here are a few considerations: legal structure, regulations, fundraising, and IP – not to mention understanding the nuances of sales/marketing and growing your team.

Thank goodness we have Subject Matter Expert and Marvelous Community Leader:

πŸ”· Lanie Denslow πŸ”·

Lanie is Chair of the Global Chamber Advisory Board, and Principal at World Wise Intercultural Training & Resources. Suffice to say, Lanie is a master of growth, communication, and community. More specifically, Industry Associations and Organizations. She’ll share best practices, like joining relevant industry associations and organizations to stay connected with the latest industry trends, best practices, and advocacy efforts – as well as participating in events, conferences, and workshops to network and gain insights.

In short, it’s about being in a state of continuous learning. How? Embrace a mindset of lifelong learning and adaptability. Stay informed about emerging technologies, market dynamics, and business trends to remain competitive and agile in the US business ecosystem.

Strategy and tactics may vary depending industry, location, and business model. Tune in to learn more, we’ll be coming in live from INNOVIT – The Italian Innovation and Culture Hub in SF!

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