SZ 110: The Silver Screen of Tomorrow Ft. Payhuan Shiao

Have you ever wondered what movies in the future will be like? 🎬

Wonder no further, because we have virtuoso producer, creator, investor and movement maker, Peter “Payhuan” Shiao, founder of Immortal Studios – a revolutionary Hollywood Studio disrupting the industry through AI and Web3 technologies.

Payhuan has been at the forefront of global media and culture uniting East and West, driving Immortal Studios to be the next generation Marvel and DC.

Co-hosted by the marvelously talented and connected Ruby Yeh, founder of (you won’t want to miss this!)

Immortal Studios is built upon an interconnected Wuxia (martial arts fantasy) story-verse, that is uniquely positioned to serve and empower the cultural voice of today’s youth and global consumers.

What will the future hold?

🔷 Personalized Viewing Experiences & Stories
🔷 Collaborative Content Creation
🔷 Virtual Actors (Marlon Brando in the Titanic?!)
🔷 Post Production, Audience analysis, and more

Ethical considerations are also a crucial element that will arise, including IP and impact on jobs in entertainment.

Immortal Studios owns one of the most prized IP libraries in its genre and has already successfully launched multiple media properties. It has a unique MVP model that leverages its proprietary comics and global distribution channels, to market test and identify the fan favorites and potential blockbusters for Immortal’s new film and gaming studio.

Come and meet Founder Payhuan Shiao, and hear how Immortal Studios is creating an “Ancient Future” entertainment studio through ancient wisdom and future technology. Payhuan’s unique career and life experience has prepared him for his life’s work with Immortal Studios; the creation of a cultural and technology enterprise that elevates the planet through stories that awaken and empower the “hero in everyone.”

Want to attend in person?

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