SZ 112: Currency, Evolved Ft. Alex Gladstein

Free Speech.

The Freedom of Assembly.

Freedom to own property.

Freedom of privacy.

These are all fundamental human rights, which 🔷 Alex Gladstein 🔷 champions at the nexus of tech, money, and politics. And there is a lot to fix.

1/2 the world is an under authoritarian regime, where these rights don’t exist.

That’s over 4 billion people suffering in literacy, life expectancy, opportunity, and freedom.

At the core of the problem is currency control, corruption, and manipulation. Traditional financial systems easily allow oppressive regimes to freeze the funds of those rebel fighters. Meanwhile, those fighting against despots leverage Bitcoin because its decentralized and borderless.

We’ll explore Liberties vs. Entitlements (negative and positive rights), which countries are getting it right, and how Bitcoin is changing the dynamics of freedom all across the world. In short:

💰 BTC is a sovereign savings account (meaning a gov’t can’t print more)

💰 BTC is an unstoppable payments network (sanctions resistant)

💰 BTC has no remittance (predatory fees which can take weeks)

Gladstein is a celebrated author and Chief Strategy Officer of the Human Rights Foundation where he’s worked since 2007. What is the HRF? A charity and non-profit which promotes and protects individual rights and freedoms in authoritarian societies around the world. Can we build systems that protect us from our own human nature? When did we change from ‘ruled by rules, not rulers?’

Alex has been described as “sensitive to the suffering of the world, and has dedicated his life to finding solutions to that suffering.” Tune in to explore the emerging grey economy and how we can build a future that’s bright for all of us.

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