SZ 92: Sales Machine Mastery Ft. Chris Sheng

They say revenue solves all problems.

But according to the Internet, 90% of startups fail. Which means 9/10 can’t figure out unit economics or establish an Engine of Growth.

You know who can?

🔷 Chris Sheng 🔷

Before founding LeadsPro, he also founded Growth Team, and has advised for funds like Mucker Capital and Andreessen. Having been in the trenches, he’ll share the abstract like why we make decisions and how to understand emotions, to the concrete like building data-driven sequences and cross-channel attribution.

Chris will also explore his current venture, LeadsPro, a marketplace directly connecting buyers and sellers for software. Join us live to disassemble the sales machine, and how a proper roadmap yields brilliant results. —

Sponsored by: Necodex Primero Negocios

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