SZ 91: Surfing the Silver Tsunami Ft. Louis Lee

10,000 American’s turn 65 every day (and this trend is not slowing down).
In fact, By 2030, 1 out of 4 of Americans will be older than age 65.
Who will provide care when those individuals reach advanced age?
If you ask Louis Lee and the Wonderful Platform team, the answer is simple:
Robots 🤖
Wonderful Platform was founded in Seoul, Korea, launching in the US with AI infused Robots, Apps for Senior-care, Healthcare, Caregiver, Home-care agencies to utilize the platform for better services
AVAdin serves as the base of the company’s products. Now based in Silicon Valley, they’re ready to help out the senior and adult communities to be an all-inclusive solution for all aspects of daily life.
Join us live to explore the future contactless services, artificial intelligence patents, and big data advanced hardware technology.
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