SZ 123: 隆Viva la Revoluci贸n! Ft. Eduardo, Arturo, y Liza

Get ready to traverse time and technology in Hermosillo! 馃嚥馃嚱 We’ll embark on a journey through the landscape of innovation in Mexico- past, present, and future, on the much-anticipated and first international live show of Silicon Zombies 馃帀 The rich history of Mexico’s innovation is long and celebrated, while also pushing current technological strides. Our distinguished guests include Eduardo Arvizu Noriega, Arturo Herrera, and co-moderated by Liza Lichtinger. We’ll delve into Mexico’s historic contributions to global innovation (including the contraceptive pill and the color television, and more). As experts in international innovation, they’ll offer a forward-thinking perspective on emerging technologies and their potential impact. This episode isn’t just about celebrating achievements; it’s about recognizing the beautiful city of Hermosillo: a burgeoning hub of education, growth, and innovation in Mexico. We’ll dive deep into the heart and soul of Hermosillo that drives progress, and get an insider’s view on the current tech scene and explore how this city is shaping a thriving environment for startups and tech giants alike. Eduardo Arvizu’s insights will be invaluable in understanding the unique challenges and opportunities in this region. Looking ahead, we’ll delve into what’s around the corner. From AI to green technologies, Liza Lichtinger will guide us through potential future innovations and how they might transform our world. Her expertise in international innovation, both digital and in real life (IRL), will also shed light on the best practices for nurturing innovation communities. This is particularly crucial in today’s world, where technology has the power to connect and empower communities like never before. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a history buff, or someone curious about the future, this Zombies episode is a must-see. —– Huge thanks to our sponsors: Near-shore developers for building web/mobile products and expanding your team Primero Negocios Digital Marketing experts with an impeccable team and track record