SZ 122: A Rising Tide Ft. Sahir Ali & Dr. Alex Cahana

A Rising Tide: Emerging Tech and its Impact on Humanity 🌎
Featuring Sahir Ali and Dr. Alex Cahana

February 6 at the Park James Hotel we will have two brilliant brains investigate emerging technologies and how innovation is shaping humanity all across the world.

Here is a sneak peak ~
1. Access to Information and Education: Emerging tech is revolutionizing education (and infrastructure), providing unprecedented access to knowledge for everyone, especially underserved populations.
2. Healthcare Transformation: The transformative power of tech in healthcare and the sciences is improving accessibility and quality of medical services, particularly in underserved areas.
3. Financial Inclusion: Fintech’s role in fostering financial inclusion cannot be overstated; Underserved communities are being empowered with digital banking solutions and new economic opportunities.
4. Agriculture’s Tech Revolution: The fruit of Agtech’s innovation on underserved farmers is boosting productivity and income through precision farming and data analytics.
5. Renewable Energy Empowerment: A focus on sustainability means bringing affordable and reliable energy to all, reducing dependence on traditional infrastructure and fossil fuels.
6. Job Opportunities in Tech: New job opportunities to those who adapt ensures inclusivity in sectors across the board.

📍 Location: 1400 El Camino Real, Menlo Park, CA 94025
🌐 Date and Time: February 6, 5 – 8.30pm PST

Let’s explore the positive transformations and address challenges, ensuring that the rising tide of emerging tech lifts all boats!
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