SZ 118: AI Investment Trends Ft. Sarfraz, Dr. Jin, Jukka, & Adry

We are in the middle of a storm ⛈

In the haze of Artificial Intelligence, it’s nearly impossible to see where we are headed. What kind of companies/technologies will lead the pack and change the game?

Join us for the much-anticipated talk centering on the evolving landscape of AI investing. As the digital realm continues its rapid expansion, we’ll have the following experts sharing insights around the influx of Machine Learning algorithms

Sarfraz N. – Director, Johnson & Johnson
Aaron Rose – Partner, GT Ventures LLC
Jin Lee, Ph.D – Oxford Angel Fund
Jukka Alanen – Partner, Rebellion Ventures
Adry Elmilady – Principal, Samsung Catalyst Fund

AI is reshaping the investment sphere. Join our panel of aficionados who are ready to dissect it’s transformative impact and share how to best navigate this remarkable opportunity.

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