SZ 117: You Only Live Twice Ft. Dr. Beth, Dr. Jeff Rouse, James Dickey

Who doesn’t want to live longer, healthier, and happier? 💯In a world captivated by the prospect of extended lifespans, discussions on longevity have become the cornerstone of scientific, ethical, and societal debates. The multifaceted nature of longevity and advancements in medical technology mean a lot of opportunities as well as a lot of noise. Who better to help us sort through this burgeoning field than longevity experts🔷 Beth McDougall, MD🔷 Jeffrey Rouse, M.D.🔷 James Dickey They’ll articulate the complex interplay between genetics, environmental factors, and the pursuit of a healthier, longer life. We’ll also emphasize the importance of holistic approaches, advocating not just for elongating years but also for enhancing the quality of life in those extended moments. These discussions ignite curiosity and contemplation, fostering a profound exploration of what it truly means to live longer and the profound impact it would have on individuals and society as a whole.At the heart of longevity lies an intricate tapestry of scientific progress and philosophical introspection. Join us as we invite the audience to ponder not only the scientific breakthroughs but also the ethical responsibilities that come with reshaping the human experience, prompting a thoughtful examination of what a longer life truly means in the context of personal fulfillment, societal dynamics, and the human condition.Big thanks to our sponsors:Necodex – Accelerating your projects with Nearshore Solutions.www.necodex.comPrimero Negocios – Getting you local customers, fast. Digital Marketing at its