SZ 90: Scoring Big with ML Ft. Ethan Ewing

We are in a new era of data-driven decisions, and Sales Op’s is no exception.

Who better to teach us about AI/ML than seasoned executive and technologist

🔷 Ethan Ewing 🔷

He’s driven to help sales organizations maximize the impact of their greatest assets: their people and their data. We built ProPair to take full advantage of the power of machine learning and predictive decisions to improve the performance of sales people and organizations. Revolutionizing how leads are assigned, prioritized and nurtured, moving sales organizations from fixed rules to automated and predictive real-time decisions.

The goal is to be the leader in automating lead conversion decisions for sales organizations.

Join us live on @silicon valley podcast as we explore:

☑️ How to sell new technology to banks
☑️ Pros/Cons of bootstrapping
☑️ Best practices of remote team management

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