SZ 93: Are We There Yet? Insights into Deep Tech Ft. Dominik Andrzejczuk

Large-scale computing (quantum & neuromorphic) is set to disrupt almost every aspect of our lives.

But which will prevail first, and how far are we from real-world applications?

Fortunately for Silicon Zombies, we’ve got:

🔷 Dominik Andrzejczuk 🔷

Imagine being to save an airline a quarter of a million dollars per flight with an ML-driven re-booking system. From portfolio optimization to new drug research/discovery, this nascent technology is the gold rush of tomorrow.

As GP of Atmos Ventures, Dominik is investing in the next generation of advanced deep tech, as we ll as building the world’s first Quantum Advantage High-Performance Compute Cloud at QDC. Joined by guest-host, Simon Lancaster, GP at Omni Venture Labs.

Join us live to explore scientific computing without the learning curve.

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