SZ 120: The Therapeutics of Tomorrow Ft. Tari, Immanuel, Stacie & Liza

#AIinHealthcare #DrugDiscovery #FutureofMedicine

Calling all data alchemists and healthcare futurists! πŸš€ Join us for a groundbreaking episode of Silicon Zombies as we explore the DNA of drug discovery and the future of supercharged rational drug design 🩺 Tari Suprapto- Director at Novo Nordisk Dr. Immanuel Lerner- CEO of Pepticom Stacie Calad-Thompson- Vice Chair of the AAIH Liza Lichtinger, founder of Future Design Life We’ll peek into the future and explore: How is AI rewriting the script for drug discovery, from lab bench to bedside? What futuristic drug modalities are brewing in the silicon petri dish? How can we ensure these advancements elevate the standard of care for everyone? And we’ll crack the code on business models: Turning discoveries into accessible treatments πŸ‘ŒπŸ½ Mark your calendars, set your reminders, and join us for Silicon Zombies: The Therapeutics of Tomorrow! #AIinHealthcare #DrugDiscovery hashtag#FutureofMedicine #LinkedInLive
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