SZ 114: Meet the Mayors Ft. Melissa Blaustein, Jen Wolosin, + Ahsha Safai

How do we build the communities of tomorrow? 🌱

By creating and implementing equitable frameworks with a focus on sustainability and diversity. Fortunately for us, we’ve got 3 exceptional local leaders to help break it down:

– Melissa Blaustein, Mayor of Sausalito
– Jen Wolosin, Mayor of Menlo Park
– Ahsha Safaí, SF Mayoral Candidate

These influential figures are committed to shaping the future of their respective cities through open discussions around community development, sustainability, and diversity.

On Zombies, we typically demystify emerging technology – and on September 6, we’ll explore how to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by the rapid growth of the tech industry in these regions. Melissa, Jen, and Ahsha’s insights / experiences are an invaluable channel to better understanding how to foster strong and connected communities.

From eco-friendly initiatives like integrating cutting-edge technologies and creating greener urban landscapes to facilitating dialogue / action on diversity – we delve into building vibrant and harmonious communities. Co-hosted by local legend HOOMAN KHALILI at the beautiful Park James Hotel 🤩

Thanks to our sponsors Necodex (your nearshore tech team) and Primero Negocios (digital marketing experts who gets you local customers).

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