SZ 105: Innovation, Unlocked Ft. Dr. Aka Aouélé

We know that innovation is the driving force behind economic growth and societal progress 🚀
But whats the governments role in assisting the creation of new industries that improve our quality of life and solve the pressing issues of our day?
We are honored to host distinguished guest, Dr. Eugène Aka Aouélé, President of the Assembly of Regions and Districts of Côte d’Ivoire. Dr. Aka is also the current President of the Economic, Social, Environmental and Cultural Council, and was Minister of Health during the pandemic.
We’ll cover how innovation often requires significant investment, resources, and time to succeed, and how government support can make a big difference.
In this talk, we will uncover different ways in which the government can support innovation and promote progress. We will discuss various policy tools, including funding, tax incentives, and regulatory frameworks, and their impact on innovation. Additionally, we will look at some case studies of successful government initiatives that have led to significant breakthroughs in different fields. We will explore how governments can create an environment that encourages experimentation, risk-taking, and creativity, while also ensuring safety and ethical considerations.
Join us as we also explore the African startup ecosystem with investor, executive, and political-science expert Steve Wymer, CEO of the Boys and Girls Club of Silicon Valley.
We will explore how different policy tools and initiatives can help create an environment that fosters progress and enables innovators to make significant contributions to society.
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