Sustaining Sales Success Ft. Kevin “KD” Dorsey

When it comes to driving sales

πŸ”· Kevin “KD” Dorsey πŸ”·

knows how to accelerate and elevate. By creating an experience for the buyer – and leading them confidently through the sales process – we drive deeper conversations with higher conversions. πŸ“ˆ

β˜‘οΈ How much should your startup charge?

β˜‘οΈ Best practices on structuring an engagement?

β˜‘οΈ How to create a data-driven inbound funnel?

β˜‘οΈ How did he get to 100k followers?

Join us live on Silicon Zombies Podcast to learn these elements and more as KD shares his secrets as one of the top sales coaches in the game. β€”

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