Silicon Zombies #101 – 50 Shades of Gray Matter Ft. Niko Dimitriadis

It’s the most complex and fascinating organ in the human body. It’s the command center for all of our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, and has captivated scientists and researchers for centuries.

You guessed it, the brain 🧠

Who better to teach us the secrets of this marvel of biological engineering than celebrated neuroscientist and professor:

🔷 Dr. Nikolaos Dimitriadis 🔷

he’s been applying neuroscience in business and education for almost 2 decades and is an award-winning author and entrepreneur. Oh yeah, he’s also studied over 5k brains from all over the world 😎

We’ll explore some of the latest insights into the workings of the brain, from the molecular and cellular level to the larger-scale networks that underpin cognition and behavior. We will delve into the mysteries of consciousness, memory, and perception, and examine the ways in which the brain can change and adapt throughout our lives.

Join us live on Silicon Zombies Podcast as we explore:

☑️ Applications of neuro-scientific solutions for business and society
☑️ How you can ‘hack’ your brain for better emotional states & success
☑️ What he and the team are building

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